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Weekend at Hotel Sacher, Vienna

Vienna is truly full of secrets and that is perhaps the most alluring quality of all – and a hotel with enigmatic charm.

Luxury stay in the skyline

We simply loved the view! Aislinn and Beccy experienced luxury stay in the sky at Lebua Tower Club in Bangkok.

Luxury in the middle of action

Kuala Lumpur: Most luxury is breakfast, afternoon tea, canapés and cocktails , and coffee all day long.

Elegance and glamour at Ritz

A luxury weekend in Dubai can’t come with more elegance. We tested Ritz-Carlton on Jumeirah Beach.

Las Vegas – a desert for culture

It is a place where you can lose all individuality and sense of awareness. Read an up heated report from Las Vegas

Finding peace 53 floors up

A feeling that life has come to its conclusion and there is nothing else to desire. This is the story of Shangri-La.

The High Life in Copenhagen

One hotel, two towers and 800 rooms. In Copenhagen you are living the High Life at AC Bella Sky.

Moscow: Old World Russian Luxury

Review. Savoy Hotel Moscow is like turning back the clock, albeit to a time far more glamorous than today!

Short break in Marrakech

Marrakech provides a unique cultural experience. The city has it all and now it is easily reachable for a short break.

VIP Treatment in Marrakech

Palais Namaskar offers the ultimate escape from the chaos of everyday life in Marrakech, Morocco.